Thank You

I would just like to say that no matter what happens, or who wins, I had the time of my life with this. I have learned so much and have gained so much experience because of this election. I will never understand why the media has nothing better to do than to trash the election and some of its candidates.

The election was meant to be fun, we know that we aren’t going to be above everyone else if we win. We were just in it to have a great time and that is exactly what we all did. It was hands down the most memorable experience of my entire life and I met a lot of amazing people because of it. All of the regular fans in this election got the chance to live out a dream, not much can top this experience.

You can’t say a bad thing about the candidates for Red Sox Nation President. Although some have found ways to talk negatively about some of the candidates, this group of people has done nothing but have a great time regardless of what others have to say. Everyone did a fantastic job at the debate, everyone had the mentality of "just be yourself" and because of that, all the candidates did an excellent job.

I hope to stay in touch with all the candidates because we all became friends during this process. We all supported each other, we all complimented each other, it didn’t feel like a competition at all. Regardless of who wins, I guarantee that the 9 that were left out will be more than happy to see whoever elected President. The voting begins Friday night through online vote, texting and mail.

I want to say thank you to all the Sox fans out there that have been supporting me and pushing me along the way. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who worked hard to put this presidential race together, I had a blast and I hope you all enjoy the debate Friday night!

-Jared Carrabis



    Jared–You are a true fan, with tremendous insights into this game we all love, this team we are all so passionate about, and you are the future of Red Sox Nation. I was indeed privileged to be able to meet you and your incredible mom at the Baseball Tavern, and, although I didn’t make it past the original finalists myself, I have had so much fun watching the candidates and reading what they have had to say. I look forward every day to your comments on Sox Space and will have terrible withdrawal when the season is over and the World Series draws to a close. You have run a classy campaign, my young friend.

    Wanda Fischer

  2. Greg


    I didn’t make it past the top 25, but it has been a fun experience and I hope you make it to the top 3. I concur with Wanda, you have carried yourself with class and maturity well beyond your age with this….

    Greg Caliri


    Disagree Greg, he never answered the questions you posed back on the 17th.

    This is still a waste of time and no one has proven that it isn’t.

    Write-in Caliri or Cosenza!



    jared, keep up the great attitude. it will take you a long way in life. i’ve been a red sox fan for 57 years and i ask the same questions about the issues you have raised. where the heck is the memorial to all the great red sox players of years past? cy young, spaulding, ted williams etc. go for it. you had most of my votes in the past and will get them when the voting opens. good luck, steve

  5. Jared

    To Howard,

    I didn’t answer them on here, but I did speak with Greg at the bar for the Meet the Candidates night and answered the questions in person.

  6. Rob

    Dear Jared,
    You are a remarkable person with courage, self-confidence, and perspective beyond your years. You are a true Red Sox fan and BASEBALL fan. What you wrote in this blog entry is pure class. Good luck during this final weekend of the campaign.

    — Rob Crawford



    Uncle Scott, Meghan, Haley and I want you to know how proud we are of you. No matter what happens win or lose, You are the Man!! You are awesome and we love you!!!!! Good luck!!


    Auntie Dianne

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