Allow Me To Introduce Myself


Hey Sox fans! My name is Jared Carrabis and I live in the heart of Red Sox Nation, about ten minutes outside of Boston to be exact, Saugus Massachusetts. Some would say that I am at a big disadvantage going up against big names such as Peter Gammons, Jerry Remy and Sam Horn to name a few. I don’t see it as a disadvantage in the least bit. I see this as a big advantage because when I picture the President of Red Sox Nation, the largest and most passionate fan base in the world, who better to be lead this nation of dedicated fans than one of the most dedicated of them all?

Closetlc6_1  I have been a Red Sox fan my entire life, I was born into it. I always say that if you are born in the Boston area chances are you will be a Red Sox fan, it’s just a matter of how big of a Red Sox fan you will become. Well, I was fortunate enough to become a big, big Red Sox fan. I’ve worn a Red Sox shirt every single day for the past four years. The shirt streak began back on September 20, 2003 and is still active to this very day. It has been a common misconception that I have worn the same shirt every single day, that would be false. I own over 150 different Red Sox shirts and jerseys so I can change it up every day. No matter what the occasion you won’t catch me not wearing a Red Sox shirt even if I have to wear it underneath. Proms, graduation, wakes, funerals, weddings, you name it, I’ve been there all while wearing a Red Sox shirt.

Soxspace_print_1  I created and run the largest community of Red Sox fans on MySpace called "SoxSpace". On the website I write my own articles and keep fans from all over the world updated with all the latest Red Sox news and updates. The website is also a place where fans from all over can connect with each other. Tens of thousands of fans come to talk Sox and voice their opinions (no matter what their opinions may be). I titled my blog "Son of SoxSpace" because I am 100% sure that I would not have even come close to the Top 10 of this presidential race without the support of all the fans that have pushed me to get this far that know me through SoxSpace. Over the years running SoxSpace, I have had the privilege of communicating with tens of thousands of Red Sox fans. Over the past month or so, I have said "thank you" thousands of times because I did everything I could to thank every single person individually that took the time out of their daily schedules to vote for me.

Tattoo_1 I have a share of season tickets so I have the privilege of visiting Fenway around twenty times per season. After my eighteenth birthday I wasted no time in getting a Red Sox tattoo on my leg to display that I will be dedicated to this team for the rest of my life. I fear that some voters will see my age and make the wrong assumption that I am too young to be able to handle this position. I fully understand that I have not been around for the heartaches of the past, but what I lack in experience I make up for with knowledge of this franchise’s history.

Room_1_2 I’ve turned my room into my own personal "Red Sox Hall of Fame" by collecting autographs from many Red Sox legends all throughout the franchise’s history. My work will never be done, mostly because I will go broke, but it will never be done due to the fact that there were and still are so many talented ballplayers that have worn the Red Sox uniform. I wish to someday proudly display them all on my wall.

I know that I am forgetting a lot more that I would like to say ( of course) but feel free to ask me anything that you would like to know about me to get to know me better as a candidate for Red Sox Nation President. I want everyone to know that I take this very seriously and I would also like to ask for the continued support from all the fans that have been behind me since day one. Hopefully this blog will convince more Red Sox fans that a true fan is the right man for the job.



    It’s nice to see someone representing the REAL fans so well!
    You’ve had my vote since day one!

    Good Luck!!!!!!


    Hey Jared,
    You’ve had my vote long ago. We need this young man for President,as his focus is 100%

    Age doesn’t matter at all..he is wise beyond his years and talented. He feels the Heartbeat of the Nation,and has the energy to keep it alive.

    VOTE JARED CARRABIS…President Red Sox Nation


    oh my god, jared carrabis needs to be the president, I would like to second the thought that age does not matter one bit, because this man knows far more about the red sox than anyone could ever dream of knowing. his dedication surpasses everyone and for this reason, he should be president.


    Good for you! You have been my #1 for since before the ballots were up and running! Best of luck! I am going to the game tomorrow!


    Go Jared, ur boy OMAR from THE BRONX, NY got ur back man. I believe that Jared should be the Presiden’t RSN because out of all the cadidates he is the most dedicaded to the team. I mean all this guys have the own lives, Jared’s life is the RED SOX, he dedicades his life to being a RED SOX fan, he spends all his time working for all the RED SOX fans world wide and that’s something that he is not getting pay for, that’s something that he is doing from his heart. In my short life I have never seen somebody so dedicaded to the sport team that he/she likes. At 18 he has one of the biggest hearts u will ever see, which is full of love for his RED SOX team, Jared is the Description of our RSN President, he lives for this, he was born for it, Go Jared!!!!!!!


    Ask you anything, huh?

    Ok, well which of these comparisons do you think is more accurate:

    1. Dustin Pedroia will be to the Red Sox as Derek Jeter is to the Yankees; or,

    2. Jacoby Ellsbury will be to the Red Sox as Alfonso Soriano was to the Yankees.

    That answer may just make all the difference in the world….

  7. Jared

    Honestly, I don’t think that either of those comparisons are all that accurate. Pedroia is showing signs that he will be a great contact hitter and be a high average hitter, but will he eventually be the leader of the Red Sox long after the Tek era? I don’t think so. Pedroia will be lucky to be seen saying more than two words, he won’t be the leader or the captain of the Red Sox any time soon. He has the passion and fire that Derek Jeter posesses, however, Jeter has a lot more characteristics about himself as a ball player that I just don’t see in Dustin. Which also isn’t a bad thing, you don’t see Manny making a run for captain on any team he’s ever played for and he’s one of the best hitters the game has ever seen.

    Jacoby Ellsbury doesn’t strike me as what Alfonso Soriano was to the Yankees either. Soriano’s defense for the Yannkees and to date was mediocre to subpar. While Ellsbury’s defense thus far has been nothing short of spectacular. Both Alfonso and Jacoby swing a great stick, but it appears that Ellsbury won’t be belting 40+ home runs a season but he could swipe 40 bags in a season like Soriano is capable of doing. I’d also like to add that I don’t think that Jacoby is going to be a trading chip later on down the road like Soriano was. I think that Ellsbury’s best years will be with Boston and the front office has big plans for this kid being a key contributor to the future success of this ballclub.

    So, to sum this all up, neither.


    Excellent answer to the blog question, Jared. That’s what a blog is all about. I am asking all the candidates (just as I ask candidates who run for political office who have the misfortune of ringing my doorbell when I’m at home) about what action do you plan to take when elected? I know what your platform says, but what are the kinds of things you will encourage the Red Sox brass to listen to if you were to be elected? What are your expectations if you were to become president of RSN? What can be done for us fans to make us feel like the Red Sox management cares about what we think? Thoughts? Ideas?


    Although I don’t know Jared personally, I am part of his
    constantly growing group on, and I feel like I know him well enough to write about him. Jared is truly the epitome of a dedicated Sox fan. I encourage all of those reading this to vote for him. He may be younger than many candidates, but he has insight and wisdom into the Red Sox that most of the older candidates will never have.

    For those who don’t have a myspace or haven’t seen Jared’s successful SoxSpace page, I would like so share some of it with you. Jared has continued to impress me and others who read his extremely well written and very accurate articles about the Red Sox. His analysis is spot on, and is timely based on the current games and circumstances. He updates regularly and sends out bulletins on games, injuries, stats, and any other relevant Red Sox news. He even updates us on former Red Sox players.

    Jared is an intelligent guy with dedication like I’ve never seen anyone have – for anything. Vote Jared for President of RSN, you won’t regret it.

  10. Rob

    Dear Jared,
    Rob Crawford here, one of the “other nine” finalists. I just read your blog, and let me just say that you are one incredibly impressive fan. WOW. I think my 8 year-old son may be in the process of growing up to be like you. Both of us are looking forward to meeting you Wednesday night and seeing which Red Sox shirt you choose to wear. Best wishes in this crazy campaign,

    — Rob


    Why, in your opinion, were the candidates of RSN 2007 and Lost Nation eliminated from the final ten after receiving the support of thousands of votes from real fans? Have you ever posted on either of the two boards, which are the center of Red Sox fandom?

  12. Greg


    Congratulations on making it through to the top 10 — as you likely know, I didn’t.

    But — I would like to see you tackle some of the hot issues that came up in MY campaign, because I’d like to know where you stand. As would those on the RSN 2007 board and the Lost Nation.

    1) Do you have any plans or ideas to make more game tickets available to fans, or any suggestions that the Sox ownership could carry out?

    2) Have you looked into the current legislation on Beacon Hill concerning re-selling of tickets? What is your stance? Also, what of the StubHub-MLB alliance? Should the Sox enter into it?

    3) Do you have any ideas as to how Red Sox Nation can be united not just socially, but for philanthropic purposes?



    Hi Jared, Good luck tonight! I would love to see a young guy like you win! Just your all american,Red Sox loving guy! You will get my vote and hopefully lots of other people feel the same way! If you don’t mind me saying I it would be great to see your average Joe win!!! I am passing on the word to everyone I know to vote for you. Good Luck!


    Jared you have my vote. You are in the final 9 because of hard work. Not because a family member is a famous Sox fan, not because you work for NESN or ESPN, not because you own a local business and not because you were a former player. You are the only candidate who is here by the merits of their work and not their reputation. You have done an incredible job with Soxspace and not because you were paid to do so but because you are a passionate, focused and intelligent fan. Many do not know who you are but know what you’ve done. I appreciate all your efforts and hope to see you continue your service to the Red Sox as President of Red Sox Nation. Good luck and God bless.

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