AL East Champions

It?s been a long time coming, but the Yankees are finally looking up at the American League East Boston Red Sox. A lot has happened in the past twelve years, a lot has changed in the past twelve years. A lot of great players have come and gone in that twelve-year span, some of which are still with this team and experiencing the glory of a division title for the first time in Boston.

Let me take you back to ?95 for a second. The last time the Red Sox won the division, Mo Vaughn was blasting home runs all over the place at an MVP pace, no one ever dreamed of seeing our beloved ?Rocket? Roger Clemens in a Yankee uniform, Jose Canseco was admired by Boston fans and Troy O?Leary was Mr. Clutch. Oh how things have changed.

The Red Sox have a lot of new faces on the ?07 squad, however they do have players that have been with this team through recent years. This team not only possesses players that never experienced a division title with Boston, this team has players that have never experienced a Wild Card with Boston. Also worth mentioning is that this team has players that have never experienced the postseason at all.

Although nowhere to be found during the celebration, Manny Ramirez has been with this team for the past seven seasons and has not experienced a Red Sox division championship. Our Captain Jason Varitek has been part of the squad since 1997 and doesn?t know what it feels like to be a division champion with the Olde Town Team. The only Red Sox player to ever taste division championship glory is Mr. Reliable himself, Tim Wakefield.

A lot of talent has put the Red Sox in a position to capture the division crown but have all come up short. The likes of Hall of Famer to be, Pedro Martinez has graced the Red Sox franchise with his services and although making the summer classic team four times in his seven-year stint with Boston, he was never able to get Boston over the hump.

A young phenom by the name of Nomar Garciaparra (remember him?) came up through the Red Sox system and quickly became the face of the Red Sox franchise. He was on a first name basis with Red Sox Nation since his very first at bat with the club. He reminded the great Ted Williams of Joe DiMaggio. Coming from the greatest hitter of all time to compare you to one of the greatest baseball players of all time, I?d say you?re quite the ball player and how about that, he plays for the Red Sox. With the hitting talent that nearly drove him to become the first player since Ted Williams himself to hit .400 in a season, Nomar never celebrated a Red Sox division title in his career.

As we are all well aware, you don?t have to win your respective division to be a World Series contender (cough 2004 cough) it means a lot to the fans and to the franchise that the Red Sox were finally able to bring the AL East division championship back home. The fans have been behind this team all season long and they all had the mindset of Division title or bust. Well, the Red sox did not let us down. Let?s just hope that they make not letting us down a trend all through the playoffs en route to their second World Championship in the past four years.

-Jared Carrabis



    Hey Jared! It’s me mike! (the guy who wheres the hawaiian shirts) dude friggen Kudos on being a Presidential Nomanie man! dude add me on myspace man(, i keep trying but your paige wont load(lame). Dude Best of Luck! i know you would be the best (yeah i voted for ya) E-mail me at some time, ya know?~BEST OF LUCK MY CRAZY FREIND!


    Hi Jared,

    I thought you did a great job at the debate! Imagine, standing up there beside the Remdawg, in front of all those people, and being watched by all of Red Sox Nation! If you were nervous, it sure didn’t show! (I would have fainted!) To a job well done during the campaign and on the debate, congratulations and good luck in the final voting!


    I listened to the debate tonight and now I am sure that you are the best candidate for President of RSN. I think that your experience on the Net is one of your greatest advantages. Fans from all over the world will be able to connect with you and benefit from the great work you have done already. Once I heard on WEEI that there was a fan club in Rumania who stayed up all night during the 2004 Series watching on the Internet. That’s amazing to me. I think you will be the best virtual ambassador and reach the most people. I hope you win and get a chance to travel and meet lots of fans in person. Good Luck! I voted for you 10 times tonight.


    Great job on the debate! You handled yourself well. I’m not too sure if people heard your comment(or knew it was you) when you said there was no reason we couldn’t keep Mike Lowell and get A-Rod. I’m sure win or lose you’ll keep fans debating this topic and others on your website for some time to come. Keep up the good work uniting Red Sox Nation around the world. You make us very proud!


    Hey Jared!
    GOOD JOB on the debate! One of my fvorite parts was when you STRAIGHTED “SAM” OUT WITH THE SAWXHEADS!Imagine…HIM taking ALL THE CREDIT??!! IT’S ALLL YOU! You are the MAN FOR THE JOB!


    Well my friend Jared, I always go with the HomeTown Favorite, I am from Lynn and respectfully I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do along loving the SOX.
    May your dreams come true and may you never forget to dream.

    Best wishe’s

    GO SOX



    Jared, I was so proud of you when I saw you were a candidate. Even more proud I am now after seeing you on the debate. The presidency should go to a fan, especially a terrific one as you are. I read your platform and like what you propose. Best wishes and good luck. Mr. Trask and I each voted for YOU!


    Jared–As Neil Young would say–keep on rockin’ in the free world–and GO SOX!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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