Red Sox Revenge

Let me just start off by saying that I hate watching Red Sox games on FOX. I mute my television and turn on WEEI almost every time the Sox are on FOX. Although I may hear what happens before I see it due to the delay, it?s worth it to me if I don?t have to hear Tim McCarver?s voice. Luckily the rest of you that were unfamiliar of my anti-FOX method were spared of Joe Buck?s voice today. On to more important things, such as the game that was played at Fenway. What looked like football practice was actually classified as a baseball game today. What started out as a pitchers duel for all of the early innings, quickly evolved into a Yankee spanking as the floodgates opened in the sixth and seventh inning.

Thanks to one of Beckett?s strongest outings of the season, the Red Sox picked up a game on the Yankees and Beckett himself picked up a win on Chein-Ming Wang in the AL Cy Young Award standings. Beckett?s line was fantastic, and what made it even more impressive was that he was this dominant over the explosive offense of the New York Yankees. Josh Beckett went seven innings strong allowing only three hits and the one blemish was a solo home run hit by Derek Jeter in the top of the first inning. Beckett racked up seven strike outs en route to his Major League leading 19th win of the season. His win today may have silenced a lot of critics that believed that there would not be a 20 game winner in the bigs this season.

What would a Red Sox versus Yankees game be without a little drama? For the second time in their past three meetings, a warning was issued to both the Red Sox and Yankee dugouts. Kevin Youkilis was once again the center of the issues being issued, but once again having not provoked the Yankees in any way. The Yankee right-hander Chien-Ming Wang came too close inside and hit Kevin Youkilis on the forearm as the Fenway Faithful booed in disapproval. Was the hit by pitch intentional? I don?t believe so. However, that didn?t stop Josh Beckett from plunking Yankee first baseman Jason Giambi in the seventh inning before the home plate umpire warned both sides.

The Boston offensive muscle was flexed late in the game by multiple contributors. Jacoby Ellsbury had a big hand in the offensive attack unleashed on the Bronx Bombers today. The incredibly talented young ball player continues to contribute to this ball club and is proving that he will not fold up in a playoff atmosphere, as this series clearly has the scent of October looming in the air. Ellsbury went 2 for 2  with 3 RBI after being subbed in as a pinch runner for the injured Kevin Youkilis. JD Drew finally welcomed himself to the season by delivering in the clutch by singling to leftfield in the bottom of the fifth to give the Red Sox their first run of the day.

While it may be Eric Hinske?s second season in a Boston uniform, he got his first real taste of the rivalry today when in an attempt to give his team another run, the 230 pounder plowed over Yankee catcher Jorge Posada. While he was out, the hit brought the Fenway Faithful back to life and it was entertaining for all to see. Hinske would not go out on that note being called out, so in the bottom of the eighth inning he belted a home run into the stands in right field.

The Red Sox needed this win, they could not afford to have the Yankees come within 3.5 games of the division lead. Also, they were giving the Yankees the idea that they were simply unbeatable against Boston as they had defeated the Sox in their past five meetings. This 10-1 beating was a real wake up call to the Yankees that they are not invincible and that the Red Sox are not going to lay down for them this season. Tomorrow will host one of the most anticipated Red Sox/Yankee games in the rivalry?s history. Clemens will be making his first start at Fenway Park since the 2003 ALCS and opposing the most hated Yankee villain will be the most hated Red Sox villain to New York, Curt Schilling. The two will square off in what looks to be the match up of the century. Both are big game pitchers and are icons in this rivalry, there?s no telling what could happen when these two come face to face while wearing Boston red and Yankee pinstripes.

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